The Tattoo Studio / Room

The Tattoo Studio / Room

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Every Tattoo business must by law register both themselves both as an Tattoo Artist (thats you) and their premises where the tattooing will take place with the local authority.

Once an application has been made. You and your premises will be visited and inspected by a representative from the local authority, usually an environmental health officer. Who wikll be there to ensure both your self and your premises meet the requirements set out in law and your local bylaws .

As I mentioned before in a previous post, you can check your specific requirements for licensing you and your premises directly with you local authority. google is your friend 🙂 The average cost of registration varies between one and a few hundred pounds.

Tattooing at home without registration is illegal, even if it is friends and family without money changing hands. This only applies of you are tattooing the skin of a living human being, Pig skin, fruit, practice skin and similar can be tattooed anywhere at anytime without too much issue. So maybe start with that when you are practising.

The room you intend to tattoo in must be exclusively used for this purpose. Walls ceiling and furniture must be none porous, smooth and easily cleanable. Water prof paint for the walls is a good idea and vinyl floor covering is great and available in lots of designs. The floor needs to be sealed and easily mopped and cleaned. Good ventilation, good lighting and hot and cold running water for hand washing is a must.

Tattoo Studio

The Crypt Tattoo Studio – Whitchurch Shropshire

Extra lighting in the form of a directional lamp is a good idea. You will need at least 2 chairs for yourself and your customer. Ideally your clients chair should be adjustable allowing you to position them as you need the to correctly tattoo the area as required. furniture must be of a non porous material and easily cleaned. Something such vinyl or plastic.

You will require a non-pourus cleanable work surface with access to at least 2 plug sockets in close proximity. Your work surface needs to be large enough to accommodate all your tattooing equipment and arrange it in a way that allows you easy access to your equipment; ink caps, paper towel, power unit etc. Portable trolley type workstations used by beauty salons and chiropodists are perfect for the job.

Withing the Tattoo room you must have access to sharps bin for disposal of used tattoo needles as well as possibly yellow clinical waste bags, depending on your local authorities requirements for waste disposal. It is likely you will also need a contract with a company that specialises in the disposal of contaminated material. Good is your friend when it comes to finding some where local for your business. Your local hospital may also be able to help with correct disposal of waste.

A couple of other things you’ll need to keep the local authority happy is a first aid kit, some clue about first aid is good and going on a short course is recommended and will show the local authority you are serious about your customers well being. Also you will need some fire extinguishers for the room. This must be due to that common side effect of tattooing, spontaneous combustion, so best to be prepared. I guess! but suitable for use on electrical fires such as dry powder or co2.



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