The Law – Safety & Hygiene

The Law – Safety & Hygiene

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Before we look at the process of Tattooing it is critical that we have a sound and in depth understanding of what is required to be safe, hygienic and a good awareness of the law and regulation relating to Tattooing.
This of course is the boring stuff but without this you are leaving yourself open to the possibility of causing serious harm to someone and quickly ending your tattooing career before it starts, on top of the possibility of prosecution.

Two of the most important Act’s to be aware of in the UK in regard to Tattooing is:

  • The Local Government (miscellaneous provisions) Act 1980
    • This places the obligation with anyone opening or operating as a Tattooist to register with the local authority and be subject to any applicable bylaws.
  • The Tattooing of Minors Act 1969
    • Makes it and offence to tattoo anyone under the age of eighteen. (It is worth noting that there is no such thing as parental permission for someone under 18 to receive a tattoo.)

All this really means is that Tattooing like many treatment processes is subject to law and regulation and you need to contact your local authority to find out more information about the bylaws and regulation applicable to you. Often you can find more info on your local council website.

All tattooing carries and element of risk to health in the form of spreading pathogenic microorganisms. The skin would usually act as a protective barrier, but as the skin is broken in the tattooing process, it creates the opportunity for microorganisms to gain entry to the body through the skin and cause infection and or disease. These potential conditions are serious and in some cases potentially fatal.

Infections or risks come in two forms, bacteria and viruses. Bacteria surrounds us in our daily life but are in the greatest concentration wherever the environment is unclean.  This can include floors, walls, work surfaces and furniture. People and animals can carry bacteria in vast numbers. Particular on dirty clothes on unwashed skin or hair. Bacteria can cause serious infections within a tattoo and possibly irreparable damage to your reputation as a Tattoo Artist as well as the potential possibility of the customers death. Sometimes unfortunately, but the killing of customers is frowned upon by most local authorities, although be sure to check your bylaws.

On the plus side there is some evidence it would seem to support the theory that getting multiple Tattoos may strengthen your immune system. You can read a bit more info about it here on Science Alert and not forgetting the obvious advantage of gaining demonic powers 🙂

As serious as the situation actually is the risk of spreading bacteria and viruses via  tattooing can be greatly reduced if not completely eliminated by following the correct procedure. No taking a risk with your clients or your own health. Many tattooists have been working years, including myself and never caused an infection Tattooing.  Always be conscious of the dangers, never drop your guard or cut corners. Develop a healthy obsession with cleanliness and safety> study and learn the correct procedures and you are on the right path for success in your chosen career.



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