Tattoo Stencil Application -Part 2

Tattoo Stencil Application -Part 2

2021-01-08 Tattoo Training 0

If you have not read part 1m you can find it here.

Once shaved, give the skin a quick wipe over. Take your stencil solution whether your own or a branded version. Apply a small tip to the top of your glove. Evenly apply a small amount over the area you are going to apply the stencil. Make sure you cover all the area the stencil will touch so as to avoid having missing stencil parts on the skin later.

Too much stencil solution will cause it to smudge, not enough and the imagine will be weak and in danger of disappearing altogether before the outline can be completed. Should the stencilled image be less than perfect, clean the skin with alcohol swaps and have another go. If you are using a modern stencil solution, try to be quick at removing your mistakes and keep your customer as comfortable as possible.

if you have to remove your stencil from the customer skin, ensure your paper stencil is not to smudged too much through its first use and it should be able to be used a number of times to give you a perfect transfer of your stencilled design.

Several different solutions are  used by tattooists as “stencil application fluid” including fairy liquid, neat dettol, roll on deodorant and purpose made solutions available from suppliers to the trade such as Stencil Stuff or similar.

Once you have a good image transferred onto the skin, you must allow the stencil to dry briefly. You can use this time to prepare for the next stage of the Tattoo and double check your tattoo placement and that the customer is happy to continue.


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