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Preparing for a Tattoo

Using a disposable wooden spatula remove a good dollop of petroleum jelly from the jar and place it on a folded paper towel in a convenient place on your worktop. Replace the lid of the jar and under no circumstances place fingers into the jar or touch your customer with the spatula during the tattooing…
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Tattoo Stencil Application

LEARN TO TATTOO AT THE CRYPT – CHECK OUR AVAILABLE COURSE DATES HERE Once we have made our stencil, we need to successfully apply the stencil. Application of the stencil is of the critical, it is the foundation on which you will build. Only apply the stencil to the skin when your customer is in…
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Tattoo Stencil Making

LEARN TO TATTOO AT THE CRYPT – CHECK OUR AVAILABLE COURSE DATES HERE For most Tattoos unless you work freehand, you will need to make a stencil. Freehand hand Tattooing¬† is really only suitable for certain kinds of tattoo design, bold tribal work for example, or something you have routinely or mastered drawing on skin.…
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Learn to Tattoo – Starting Out

Starting out on the process of learning how to correctly and safely Tattoo the paying public, can and should be somewhat of a daunting process, as a newbie you have a lot to learn, overcome and master to become a respected, Tattooist /¬† Tattooer / Tattoo Artist. Lots of practice, patience and understanding is required…
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