Tattoo Stencil Making

Tattoo Stencil Making

2018-04-07 Tattoo Training 0


For most Tattoos unless you work freehand, you will need to make a stencil.

Freehand hand Tattooing  is really only suitable for certain kinds of tattoo design, bold tribal work for example, or something you have routinely or mastered drawing on skin.

Smaller more complex designs, even if you have created them yourself, will require the use of a stencil if only for a guide.

Tattoo Stencil Making

Start by tracing the outline of your design carefully onto tracing paper using a medium soft pencil (HB). Cut round the tracing with a pair of scissors leaving a small margin all the way around. Place your carbon paper onto a smooth hard surface a light box is perfect and place the tracing, pencil side up, onto the carbon paper.

It’s worth mentioning at this point the importance of using only hectograph carbon paper, the ordinary stuff simply won’t work.

Using a ballpoint pen, trace over the design once again pressing on fairly firmly. Lift the tracing off the carbon paper and notice the carbon imagine on the underside. Check the image carefully to make sure you haven’t missed any of the detail. Your stencil is now complete and should be placed to one side, carbon side up, ready for use.



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