Learn to Tattoo – Starting Out

Learn to Tattoo – Starting Out

2018-04-04 Tattoo Training 0

Starting out on the process of learning how to correctly and safely Tattoo the paying public, can and should be somewhat of a daunting process, as a newbie you have a lot to learn, overcome and master to become a respected, Tattooist /  Tattooer / Tattoo Artist.

Lots of practice, patience and understanding is required to successfully become a self employed tattoo artist or run a successful tattoo studio.

For example, if you think reading a guide online, watching a YouTube video or attending some seven day training course will make you a successful Tattoo Artist you are probably soon to be disappointed.

Whilst all these things can offer some benefit, It certainly shouldn’t be all you are reading or doing. There is some great reference and training material out there, but there is plenty of rubbish also. Knowing the right questions to look for answers for here is the important part. One great way for anyone with an interest in wanting to learn how tattoo, would be to get Tattooed and pay attention, ask questions, be respectful and you’ll often get useful answers. When I say get tattooed, I don’t mean by Dave from the pub in your kitchen after 6 pints. Find tattoo artist’s you like the work of , that have a good reputation and that you can learn something useful from. Even if its positions or simple machine speed and set up, how are they are using the machine. Obviously getting tattooed isn’t compulsory but it will help.

One way to find good tattoo artists is to ask people with tattoos you see and admire, ask who done them and where, try attending conventions, searching Instagram, Facebook, Big planet Tattoo or similar websites.

In the following pages we will cover a variety of topics related to you Tattoo training, give you some points tot research further and hopefully at very least help you discover the questions you still need to be asking.



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